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Our Five Guiding Principles

We, the members of the Charlottesville Women’s Choir, are committed to:

  1. Participating in shared leadership and responsibility for the choir and regular attendance at the weekly practices in order to achieve the highest level of musicianship possible in our singing.
  2. Celebrating the camaraderie and fun of making music together.
  3. Maintaining a cultural and ethnic diversity in the music that we practice and perform.
  4. Singing and performing music in support of change towards justice, equality, hope, freedom, environment and peace.
  5. Running the choir with a “collective soul” where everyone has a voice in what we do and how we do it, and where we reach decisions by group consensus.

New Member Recruitment

New members are generally welcomed at the start of each singing season. Women who are interested in singing with us should plan to attend open rehearsals for three meetings in early fall, generally the 3 Mondays after Labor Day.

Reading music is not a requirement.

There are annual dues for each member to assist in covering the choir costs; the amount is a sliding scale depending on ability to pay.  Inability to make a financial contribution towards dues does not impact the ability to be a member of CWC.

Rehearsals: Every Monday, 6:45–8:30 p.m., from September through May

** in person singing rehearsals have not taken place since March 2020, so check back here about dates for September 2022, when we hope to regather, but as has been the case during the entire pandemic – we’ll need to wait and see!

Open Rehearsal Dates for 2022 will be posted as soon as they are determined

Potential new members should arrive at 6:30 to enable questions and conversations prior to rehearsal – there is generally an orientation for potential new members prior to rehearsal at 5:30 p.m. on the second of the three open rehearsals.

More information: e-mail